Bed cleaner for hollow core beds

The bed cleaner is a multipurpose machine that speeds up all the labour intensive activities in the manual preparation of the casting beds ready for hollowcore production. The bed cleaner is powered by a water cooled, four cylinder, low emission diesel engine.

A cost-effective solution due to its high productive performance, simplicity of operation. low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. Offering concrete solutions to the different needs of the manufactures with a tight investment.

The cleaning machine for hollow core beds removes all types of solid or liquid waste from the production beds, leaving it dry and ready to pulling and stress the wires or strands. With the bed cleaner you get a considerable saving of time, staff and water, increasing the real production times as well as the profitability of the plant. 


Optionally we also have multifunction bed cleaners to do several operations like cleaning, pulling wires or strands and oiling the bed.