Universal slipformers for hollow core slabs and beams


The universal slipformers are the heart of the hollow core production system. Its unique design ensures that production is low cost, extremely reliable and the finished hollow core slab is of the highest quality.

The functional design means, it is very easy to use, set-up and maintain.

The slip former is a very profitable investment due to its high productive performance (up to 3 m/min), for the simplicity of its operation (one operator), for the energy saving (15 kW total consumption) and for its great durability with minimum maintenance costs and mainly for its great versatility. 

The range of available types of slipformers allows to manufacture elements with a height up to 250, 300, 400 and 500 mm, offering concrete solutions to the different needs of the manufactures with a tight investment.


Our slipformers allow to manufacture different types of products in the same working day simply by changing the mould of the slip former in a few minutes operation.


The slipformers work with a half-dry concrete (cone of Abrams from 0-1 cm), obtaining a uniform compaction, that guarantees a strength of the product higher than the one requested by the standards.

Its powerful system of vibration allows an integral adhesion of the concrete to the wires/strands, without cracks with an excellent finished quality.


Standard machines manufacture:

  • T and double T beams
  • Tubular beams
  • Lintels, filigree slabs
  • Hollow core and solid slabs
  • Stadium slabs and Pi Panels


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Different products produced on slip former