Concrete precast machinery since 1997

We are specialized in the sale of machinery and installations for the production of precast concrete products as well as solutions for the precast concrete industry.

Our company was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to the exclusive distribution of machinery for the precast concrete industry and the sale of precast concrete machinery and plants for the production of paving stones, concrete blocks and concrete slabs as well as hollow core slabs, reinforced concrete walls, solid walls, pig slats etc.

Together with our partners, we can offer machinery and plants for the concrete precast industry, such as:

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Solutions for precast and prestressed concrete factories

Together with our partners and our wide experience, based in many years in the precast concrete industry, we can offer the appropriate solutions for your precast concrete project.


Our partners are leaders in the precast concrete market, always offering the highest quality and service. As Tecnogerma, we are characterized above all by our seriousness and by the treatment we offer to our customers. Depending on the project you want to carry out, we can advise you together with our partners which is the most suitable solution for your project, from the beginning to the production of your products. 

On our website you will find machines and installations as:

Pallet circulation plants, battery moulds, tilting tables for the production of reinforced concrete walls, sandwich walls and other precast concrete elements, vibrating tables as well as installations for the production of hollow core slabs, equipped with extruders or slipformers and last but not least, machinery for the production of pig slats. 


In our product range you will also find:

Paving laying machines, paving tools, stone cutters or construction equipment like lifting platforms, construction lifts, crane clamps, hand grabs for laying of curbstones and finally vacuum devices as an attachment for wheel loaders and other loader types.

We can deliver:


Stationary precast concrete tilting machines, tilting mould machines for pig slats etc. as well as concrete moulds


Pallet circulation plants and tilting tables for the production of solid walls, sandwich walls, double walls as well as concrete shuttering systems, concrete distributors and vibration tables. 


Plants and machinery for the production of prestressed concrete hollow core slabs, including slipformers,extruders, crosscut saws, lifting beams, prestressing equipments and budget start-up hollow core plants. 


Do you have any project for the installation of a precast concrete factory or do you need a machine for the production of precast concrete products, please contact us.

We will be glad to help you with your project. 

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