A big advantage by lifting with vacuum is that there is no need for personnel to be within range of the load to connect belts or chains. This advantage clearly provides a safer environment as the operator can stay well away from the load and he only needs to operate the lifting unit. Only because of this example, vacuum lifting is much safer as compared to conventional slab or kerbs laying with clamps, belts or chains.


Large-scale concrete slabs with decorative surfaces become more and more popular. The larger sizes, however, come along with increased weight: higher loads make handling more difficult. A further difficulty is the fact that the slab can be very porous owing to the manufacturing process. It is hardly possible to lay such concrete slabs without the aid of presently available vacuum lifting devices. 


Our range of vacuum lifting devices convinces with surprisingly simple solutions, but extremely effective and above all because of its solid construction. The many details integrated in our vacuum lifting devices have convinced many customers worldwide. The powerful vacuum lifting devices set the bar high for heavy duty jobsites and are designed to facilitate the laying of kerbs, slabs, large pavers, landscaping elements and other heavy concrete elements.

Economical and heavy duty vacuum lifting devices

We have available vacuum lifting devices:

Electrical vacuum lifting device

Battery vacuum lifting device

Vacu-Magnet 500 / 1500

Vacu -Lift

Vacu - Pallet - Mobil

Vacu - Mobil E and Vacu Allrounder