Stationary production lines: Used precast concrete machinery

Stationary production lines for concrete elements

Used precast machinery
Production on stationary lines

The stationary production line is used for the economic production of filigree floors or element slabs, solid slabs and other precast concrete elements.


Adding the coordinated shuttering and fastening systems you will get a production system that scores top marks for economy and technology.

Modern technologies combined with service-proven production units result in the production times you need to obtain that vital leading edge. 



A competitive production is based on the following components and automation modules:


  • Cleaning and oiling machines
  • Automatic cleaning machines
  • Measuring and forming machines
  • Plotters
  • Manual and fully automated concrete distributors
  • Stripping devices
  • Outfeed carriages
  • Magazine carriages

Stationary production lines: Current offers

Stationary production line 88 x 3 m.


1 x production line , german make AVERMANN for the production of filigree slabs and similar elements, composed of the following equipments:

11 units production pallets, welded together as one line, therefore the production line is very stable and it is also possible to produce walls and double walls.

Each pallet is equipped with an own heating piping, so that it line can be easily divided in 11 pieces à 8 meters for transport.

The structure of the pallet is composed of two side longitudinal profiles (U-260).

8 units magnets with 500 kg (plus other magnets of different heights).

Each pallets includes:

- 4 Vibration plates

- 8 meters longitudinal closure with 70 mm. height

- 8 meters angle with drillings.


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