Paver laying machines for paving stones and paving tools


The paving stones laying machines are appropriate for the laying of open areas of interlocking pavers. These paver laying machines are very efficient, this means that they can lay several hundreds of square meters per day of any kind of pavers and are easy to operate.


The excellent flexibility of the machine not only enables even the paving of the smallest environments (e.g. for private garden footpaths or driveways) but also the rapid paving of larger areas or whole premises (e.g. parking areas, company premises, container compounds etc.).


Used paving laying machines
Paving laying machine Optimas

Used clamps for paving stones
Paving clamp mounted on miniexcavator

The paver laying machine can be equipped with additional accessories, for example:

  • Hydraulic clamp for the laying of curbstones
  • Vacuum clamp for the laying of curbstones
  • Vacuum device for the laying of paving slabs
  • Brush for cleaning the just layed pavers
  • Brush for filling the joints of paving stones

The appropriate type of machine for companies beginning with laying pavers is the OPTIMAS T-22.

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Paver laying machine, with only 600 working hours.


Production year 2011, with 1 year guarantee, full equipment.


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