Pallet circulation plants: Used precast concrete machinery

Pallet circulation plants for the production of precast elements for prefabricated buildings

Pallet circulation systems for the production of wall panels, double walls, solid walls and sandwich walls from standard and light-weight concrete are in use all over the world to the complete satisfaction of their users. Performances of 200 up to 3.000 m2 can be realized. 
This production method enables a production process which can be controlled the whole way from the CAD system to the construction site. 

The automation degree of the plants can be adapted with regards to the aimed capacity and the local conditions. The plants consist of modules and can be adapted to almost all market requirements. 

Used carrousel lines
Carrousel line for wall slabs

The production flow in circulation plants is split up into the following working stations:

  1. Preparation of contact faces
  2. Formwork
  3. Reinforcement
  4. Casting
  5. Compacting
  6. Turning
  7. Finishing works
  8. Hardening
  9. Lifting of elements and storage
  10. Lifting and cleaning of shutterings


Renowned producer of pallet circulation lines are:

Pallet circulation lines: Current offers


Pallet circulation line make Sommer


Year of construction 2003, has only worked from 2003 - 2008.


  • 35 Production pallets with dimensions:
  • Length: 13.500mm
  • Width: 2.800mm ( useful width of products: 2.500mm )

Composed of:

  • Cross and longitudinal closures with integrated magnets for products with a height of 120 and 160 mm
  • Cross transfer wagon for pallets, friction rollers and supports
  • Vibration station for pallets
  • Automatic concrete distributor
  • Smoothening device for products
  • Robot for curing chamber for pallets with products
  • Steel structure for 2 curing chamber with 35 pallets together
  • Tilting station for demoulding products
  • Automatic machine for picking up the closures, storing the closures, scraping the surface of the pallets, cleaning the surface of the pallets, scraping oil on the pallets and closures, plotting of the product dimensions on the pallets and placing the closures.
  • Control system SIEMENS with hard- and software



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