multilayer Pavers machines: Used precast concrete machinery

Multilayer paver machines can be split in the following categories:

Mobile multilayer machines

Zenith 940

Stationary multilayer machines

Zenith 844
Zenith 844

Mobile multilayer machines like ZENITH 940 are very flexible and used for a wide scope of production possibilities. This type of machines work totally automatic and produces on the vibration table, after that, it places the products on the floor or on a wooden pallet, when it has produced the first row up to the end of the concrete bed, it returns and places the second row of products directly on the first one, till it has produced 4 rows of for example blocks with 200 mm. height.      


Stationary multilayer paver machines like ZENITH 844,  are the best economical solution for the mass production of interlocking pavers and similar products. These machines can also produced curbstones and other landscaping products up to 400 mm. height. The production method is fresh on fresh till the cube is ready.

Multilayer paver machines: Current offers:

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