Mobile block making machine: Used precast concrete machinery

Egglayers / Travellers for an economical production of concrete blocks

Egglayer / Block making machines

have a long tradition. The first automatic egglayers / brick making machines for the production of high quality concrete products like interlocking blocks were developed in the 50s and 60s.

The working principle remains the same. Referred to the investment / productivity ratio, the manufacturing of concrete elements like concrete blocks, landscape units, interlocking blocks, paving stones, patio pavers for patio ideas, block paving, cinder blocks, bradstones, bricks, retaining wall units, concrete slabs etc onto a concrete base is to this day the most cost-effective and efficient method.


The mobile block machine producers have continued to extend their egglayers / block making machines and developed new concepts that are state-of-the-art.


The concrete block machines are working today fully automatically, are controlled by PLC and are equipped with the latest tecnology. 

There is also a special execution available for the production of manhole rings.

Egglayer for blocks
Multilayer block making machine Zenith
Block making machine / traveller
ZENITH 913 mobile block making machine

Production principle:

The mobile block making machines are suitable for the production inside of halls or outside, just a levelled concrete floor is needed. The size of the concrete floor at the same time should be adapted to the amount of blocks which has to be produced a day and the capacity of the mobile block making machine. After a set of blocks wass produced and demoulded, the machine moves forward to the produce the next set of blocks and leaves the bocks on the floor for curing.

The needed concrete is being transported from the mixing and batching plant to the mobile block making machine by a concrete charger. After the curing (approx. 24 hours) the blocks can be either manual or mechanically stacked on pallets with a palletizing machine or stacker and stored. As soon a partial area of the production area is cleared the production of new blocks can be started again.

Mobile block making machines - Egglayers - Travellers: CURRENT OFFERS

Mobile automatic machine


For the production of blocks, pavers and curbstones and other concrete products with a height of 60 - 500 mm. 

Totally automatic cycles. Working area 1.060 x 1.100 mm. 

Totally overhauled. For more information, please contact us.

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Mobile machine for the production of manholes rings.

HB 940 S-100 HZ ,  control system SIEMENS S5.


Very good condition, has always worked inside a building.


For more information, please contact us. 


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