Hollow core slab production: Used precast concrete machinery

Production systems for the manufacture of prestressed hollow core slabs

The prestressed hollowcore slabs for its use in floorings were developed in Germany in the thirties of the past century and are nowadays an indispensable element for the construction of modern precast buildings.The hollowcore slab is a plane concrete element made with prestressed concrete, the heights are between 15 - 50 cms. and extremely light because of its longitudinal hollows and are able to support big spans and overloads.


The main advantages obtained with the use of prestressed hollow core slabs are a quicker transport from the factory to the construction site and specially a fast erection time, reducing in this way considerably the necessary manpower.


The prestressed hollow core slab is a self-supporting element, therefore no support or intermediate girders are necessary, obtaining big spans without any intermediate columns.


The prestressed hollow core slabs for floorings are used in many countries due to its economical production, its optimized cross section and its big spans.

Used prestressed concrete slabs
Production of hollow core slabs with machinery Tecnogerma
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Production of hollow core slabs

Production method:


The prestressed hollow core slabs are produced on production beds with an approximate length of 100 m. The active and passive abutments are located at the end of each production bed, these abutments are able to support enormous forces transmitted by the prestressed strands.

The surface of the production beds can be made of steel or concrete. The production beds have driving rails for the production machines. The machines used for casting the hollow core slabs can be extruders or slipformers.


The hollow core slabs have many application fields, below you will find some typical samples:


Residential houses


The prestressed hollow core slabs are an affordable alternative due to its short erection time compared to traditional construction sites.



A big advantage is the quick erection time and the omission of columns, for example with a hollow core slab of 320 mm. height we can reach a span of 13 m. without any column.


Façades wall elements, partition walls, retaining walls

Very appropriate for façades of industrial buildings, simple installation and very quick erection time.


Stadium slabs

An optimal solution for the construction of stadium bleaches, open air theatres and auditoriums or any other area with stairs.


Bridge constructions, channel covers and fronton courts

The prestressed hollow core slabs can support big loads, therefore they are very appropriate for the construction of bridges, channel covers, deposits and other similar construction sites.


Parkings and supermarkets

A big advantage is the open construction totally free of columns.

Renowned producers of machinery for prestressed concrete hollow core slabs are Spiroll, Elematic, Echo Engineering, Weiler, Tecnospan.

Below you will find our current available offers for extruders, equipments for prestressed concrete like jacks, clamps, concrete bucket.

Hollow core slab production: Current offers


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