Folding pallet: Used precast concrete machinery

Folding pallets for the production of double walls

Used folding pallet for double walls
Folding pallet

Folding pallet are in use since many years and came on the market as  double walls. Even today it is notable for its high operational reliability and efficiency yet low price.


An integrated heating system not only enables the pallet to be used twice per shift, but also ensures a high level of precision and efficiency in conjunction with the coordinated shuttering system.

Folding pallets: Current offers


Twin wall production set


With this starter set, the gap between stationary production and circulation systems is closed. The starter set enables you to quickly and effectively get started with double wall production. Use proven components and keep complexity and your investment risk low. This set was used for demonstration purposes at a fair.


The Set includes: 

  • Turning beam and pallets, year of produccion 2019
  • Messures of the pallets 6.500 x 3.500mm


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