Wall panel production

This category has been divided in 5 production systems:

Stationary production lines

Used stationary lines for concrete elements
Production of filigree floors

The stationary production line is used for the economic production

of filigree slabs or element slabs, solid slabs and

other precast concrete elements. 

Pallet circulation plants


               The pallet circulation lines are used for the production of wall panels,      

               double walls, solid walls and sandwich walls in capacities from 200 up to

               3.000 m2 per shift.

Tilting tables and vibration tables

Used tilting tables
Tilting tables for the production of solid walls

Tilting tables or stationary vibration tables are often used in the beginning

as economic solution for the production of solid walls and sandwich walls.

Folding pallets for double walls

Used folding pallet
Folding pallet producing double walls

               The folding pallet is an economic solution for the production of double

               walls due to its high operational reliability and efficiency.

Example of precast house with double walls

Example of a precast house using elements produced on pallet circulation

line with heat insulation, this is a quick way to produce houses nowadays. 

Battery moulds

Used battery mould
The walls produced in battery moulds are often used in precast houses

Battery moulds are ideal for vertical casting of all kinds of solid concrete walls with two face sides with high output and flexibility.

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