Tools for Paver Laying



On every construction site where paving stones are laid, besides the screeding of the paver base and the paving stone laying machines with their clamps, paving tools are needed for laying the paving stones. A paver-cutter is always essential, it makes it easy to crack the paving stones by hand. Filling the paver joints manually with a broom is also very complex, but there are machines like the joint filler with its forward drive motor.  For the manual transport of pavers on the construction site we can offer a transport cart for pavers. 


There are of course many other small useful paving tools, such as hammers, paver extractor, paver-lifter, paver-pusher, angle guide and clamps for lifting curbstones etc. 




For a clean and exact cut. The folding and adjustable cutting table allows a very exact inclined cut. After cutting, the paver shows a clean cut, with no concrete residue in the cutting area. 

The cut paving stone can be placed directly next to the curb. The two square cutting blades (top and bottom) are rotatable and have 4 wear edges each.


Very easy height adjustment by means of a single adjustment wheel. 

Optimas paver cutter
Paver Cutter

Joint Filler


Only optimally filled joints transmit the force from paver to paver and prevent paver movement and the the paving stone surface elastic.


The joint filler is optimal for sweeping and sealing joints on small and medium paving surfaces. the rotating brushes located in the form of a cross ensure a complete filling of the joints.


The joint filler can be used in dry or by adding metered water (hose connection available directly on the device). 

Easy transport due to its compact dimensions.


We also have joint fillers for large paving surfaces!

Joint Filler Optimas Mini
Joint Filler

Paver Transport Cart


The paver transport cart for the on-site transport of concrete products of all kinds (paving stones, curbs, slabs etc) with mechanical manual lever. It includes a third wheel that facilitates its pushing considerably. 


It can be also used as a table for repair and cutting jobs for the laying of paving stones. 


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Optimas paver transport cart
Paver transport cart