Installation for the production of pig slats in double line

This installation is equipped with a vibration table of 700 x 6.000 mm length for the production of pig slats with a maximum width of 1.000 mm.


This line is equipped with a double mould for the production of two pig slats of 2.500 mm. length in one cycle.


The stacking clamp for pig slats works totally automatic in the standard version or optionally in manual. The lifting clamp is driven electrically for the lifting and stacking of the products.


The palletizing clamp for the lifting and turning of the pig slats is made in a reinforced execution in order to turn two slats at the same time. 


Production details:

It is possible to produce approximately 170 pig slats with a length of 2.500 mm. in shift of 8 hours. 

In a month this would be approximately 3.400 m2.

Photo gallery: Installation for pig slats in double line