Mechanical installation originated in Germany and the Netherlands in the late 1970s. The growth of street, port, and airport projects required timely installation with a fewer workers. Machines were developed to increase productivity while reducing fatigue and injury. Today, over 5000 mechanical installation machines operate in Germany alone with thousands more in use throughout the world. 

Our supply range includes two different paver laying machine types for the mechanical installation of concrete pavers: 

  • T22 Very easy to use and ideal for beginners
  • S19 the world's most modern paver laying machine, it can install more than 1000 m2 per day.

T22 - The ideal paver laying machine for starting into mechanical paving


The machine concentrates on the important tasks. Convinces through an excellent price-performance ratio.

Strong, easy to maintain and easy to operate, which is particularly appreciated by occasional users. In contrast to all other paver laying machines, the raising and lowering function is not performed via a foot pedal, but a joystick. Therefore it is easy to operate for any excavator driver etc. It is not necessary for the operator to get used to it. 


The boom has a V-Shape. this has the advantage that the driver always has a clear view of the paving edge. This allows him to work quickly and precisely.

Available in basis execution and comfort package with cabin.


Its performance is about 50-70 m2 / per hour.

Optimas T22 paver laying machine
Paver laying machine T22

S 19 PaveJet - The word's most modern paver laying machine


The S19 PaveJet paving machine scores with its optimized further development based on the knowledge gained over the last 4 decades. This paver laying machine installs pavers extremely fast and precise with a perfect joint pattern.

No matter whether on small or large construction sites, the perfect combination of the 2-axle turntable steering and the endless grab turning gear means that the machine is always optimally usable. Whether laying in underground car parks or picking up stone layers from pallets on top of each other with a height of 2,60  m. - there is no limit.


You can confidently put the issue of staff shortage away, this paver laying machine is a reliable employee who quickly becomes popular and pays off.

Available in basic execution "Standard" and "Exclusive" with comfort features.


Its performance is about 100 m2 / per hour.


Many arguments speak for the S19 PaveJet:

  • The simple operation and the open design
  • Revised hydraulics and improved driving characteristics - now even more sensitive, better dosage and easier to drive
  • All steel parts powder-coated.
  • Roof, front panel, side panels and bonnet made of glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • User-friendly, a high quality work result can be effortlessly achieved also after an 8- hour working day
  • agile due to the proven geometry
  • stable and mobile even with a high shift of the centre of gravity
  • short term amortization of the investment- long operation life of the S19 PaveJet
  • enormous effectiveness for contractors- very motivating for the worker
  • The paver laying machine S19 PaveJet is fast.. with optimum site organisation, it installs the pavers in 20-second cycles. 
  • Installation of more than 1000 m2 per day is possible.