There are so many different concrete paving stones available on the market, that it is no longer possible to keep track.


This raises the question, whether a single paver clamp is sufficient for the countless types of pavers with their different thicknesses and packages sizes.

Our clear answer is Yes!


Whilst other manufacturers rely on providing uf to five different paver clamp models, we have designed one simple clamp system to meet all your possible needs. Our paver clamp can infinitely be adjusted to all paving stones formats, paving stone layers and paving stone thicknesses in a few single steps.


The paver clamp is the cost-effective start to a mechanical paver laying. The paver clamp is flexible for mounting on all common construction machines.

A new design of the paver clamp enables more power when pressing and shifting the stones. The width of the paver clamp can be changed by an adjustable frame and push-in handles. Paving stones can be placed with the paver clamp right up to sidewalls. 


Of course, this paver clamp can be mounted in the future in our paver laying machine without any problems.

Multi-talented paver clamp

This paver clamp can be connected to the paver laying machine or to any other carrier device. Paving stone layers from 0,6 m2 to 1.5 m2 can be handled without any problems. 

This paver clamp can grip thin paving stones with 40 mm or thick paving stones with 240 mm, light paving stone layers with about 130 kg or voluminous heavy duty stones with 550 kg own weight.

Uneven paving stone layers are picked up by the paver clamp in exactly the same way as smooth paving stone layers. 

This paver clamp moves paving stones from cross bond into running bond by shifting every second row, even with stones who have protection against disloction. Herringbone patterns with our without half stones can be handled without problems as well. 

The operator can carry out the laying work without further assistance. This paver clamp is equipped with a swing-stop suspension, easy to handle even for unexperienced operators.


Optimas Multi6 clamp for pavers
Paver laying clamp

Basic configuration:

  • Intelligent 6-arm clamping technology
  • Hydraulic tap-down-device for clean joint pattern.
  • Swing-Stop Suspension
  • Hydraulic hoses to the carrier
  • Hydraulic couplings to the carrier
  • Universal connecting device
  • Alignment / shifting pieces.

95% of all concrete paving stones are laid with the standard paver clamp. The following points should be clarified in advance to ensure that the paver clamp is properly equipped.