Mould Tilting Machines for production of pig slats

Our partner - a real specialist in the precast concrete industry for tilting mould machines.

Machinery for pig slats

The company of our german partner was founded in 1953,

they manufacture installations with turning machines for the production

of concrete slats for pig farms. 


These plants for the production of pig slats are simple, robust and easy to handle.

They are in operation in many countries of the world. 

The range of products manufactured in these machines covers the sectors

of agriculture and farms:

  • Cattle slats
  • Pig slats
  • Potato slats
  • Partition walls for farms



Tilt mould machine

Our partner has focused on the development and production of machines,

accessories and moulds for the manufacture of farming products.

They have their own engineering department, with expert engineers and

a wide working place with modern facilities and the corresponding technical service.


The machinery is classified into the following main categories:

  • Machinery for concrete feeding with manual and automatic hoppers
  • Machinery for the production of concrete products as well as their handling, 
  • Curing lines for products
  • Palletizers for concrete products
  • Moulds for direct demoulding.


Tilt mould machine

Our partner is also specialized in the construction of moulds for the precast concrete industry, like moulds for pig slats, moulds for pavers, curbstones and other concrete pieces for all renowned machines in the market.


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